Our founders have more than 20 years experience in Executive and Life Coaching. Philosophically we are very different from other coaching associations and organizations. Our foundational belief is that ICA members and certified coaches best serve their clients and client organizations when they are able to fully engage; when they bring a wealth of experience to their coaching engagements.

The International Coaching Association coach's task is to encourage coachees to think for themselves; while at all times stressing the need for analytical examination, for clear definitions of basic concepts, and for a rational and critical approach to solving ethical dilemmas and problems - whether in business situations or in the personal realm.


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The Influencing Process eBook can be applied to any goals that you might want to achieve; from convincing a client to buy your product, persuading the CEO to implement a new policy in the workplace, getting a raise at work, to encouraging the kids to do their homework… Once the process is clear, all that is left for you to do is apply your new knowledge of influence to your goals.

The ICA Philosophy

Coaches are engaged by clients for a variety of reasons. So, no matter what organization trained you, we welcome you to the ICA because we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all coaching model. The most successful coaches in the world combine their experience and knowledge with what they have learned through formal and informal training. Through engagement with other members and our founders, you will grow in experience and enrich your coaching practice.

Coaching Methodology

ICA members provide a sounding board for their clients as they engage in philosophical dialogue. Most important, they provide models of excellence and knowledge for their coachees to follow so that they complete goals faster. When they bring the wealth of their experience to the table, they often perform services that are not purely in the traditional coaching realm. They provide insight, council, resources, and information.


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