What is the Membership Fee?

Annual ICA Membership Fee is $195. Telephone 727.327.5666 to purchase. Thank you.

ICA membership differs from becoming a certified member. To learn more about the benefits of each plan, please click here Membership vs Certification.

Become a Member

The ICA believes that you shouldn't have to go through a formal coaching training program to gain the benefits of joining a coaching group. Because of that reason, the ICA offers a membership level to beneficial to many in, entering or considering the coaching industry.

Members of the ICA include, but are not limited to:

1) Coaches who have not gone through formal training

2) People interested in starting their own coaching business

3) Individuals who are currently using coaching services to make improvements in their personal and professional lives

4) People who are looking for a coach and want to learn more about the industry before making a decision

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