For individuals who are new to coaching and who require formal coaching training as well as certification, we have entered into partnership with Indaba, Inc. (a leader in executive and life coach training) to provide a cost-effective solution to our members. Please contact the ICA to find out more information about these programs.

Once certified, an International Coaching Association Certified coach retains their certification status as long as they remain a member of the ICA (an annual fee will be charged to credit card on file unless otherwise instructed) and complete an annual update and testing process. For more information, please call 727-327-8777.

The Certification Process

If you are a coach, trainer, or consultant sifting through the existing thousands of courses on the market to find the right one for you and/or your organization is often an overwhelming, time-consuming, and sometimes frustrating undertaking. The International Coaching Association has partnered with several coach/training organizations to provide a number of low-cost, high-quality certification programs for ICA members.

The ICA certification process was designed to satisfy the needs of coaches new to formal training as well as seasoned, fully trained coaching professionals. Each individual’s certification request is independently processed – taking into consideration work experience, formal coaching training, consulting work, educational credentials, etc. After assessment of the individual’s experience, the International Coaching Association provides three unique ICA coaching courses for the individual to study based on either Life or Executive coaching. The individual is tested on the course materials as well as on the International Coaching Association’s Code of Conduct. After the individual has passed the courses, an ICA associate conducts an in-depth interview to ascertain the individual’s proficiency in coaching in their discipline. Prior to the interview, the coach will be given the assessment criteria. Within five business days, the individual will be informed of the ICA’s decision on their request for certification. If your application for certification is denied, you may reapply after 60 days.

Certification for New Coaches

The ICA has the ability to offer several low-cost alternatives for those coaches who are just entering the profession and who have very little previous formal coaching training. We accomplish this through our partnerships with high-level coach training organizations and certified coaches who are willing to give back to the industry through our association. Please call our offices to discuss your specific requirements and situation for the best fit.

The Assessment Process for Coaching Courses

ICA personnel have taken the time to identify and assess many of the coaching industry's leaders' best and most effective courses in the coaching arena and also in select topic areas. We have taken this complex task one-step further and have made certification for these programs through the International Coaching Association fairly easy and efficient. Our member organizations and the International Coaching Association have partnered in delivering everything that you need for the opportunity to be certified as a coaching professional. Through the ICA you are granted the authority to display "Certified Coach and Member of the International Coaching Association" as well as the right to display the appropriate designation following your name (CCE- Certified Coach - Executive; CCL Certified Coach - Life, etc.) on business cards, marketing materials, or on your web site no matter where your prior training has taken place.

The International Coaching Association examines the materials that you have studied and evaluates them with a view toward determining whether they meet the standards required for certification. Most reputable organizations meet these standards and have gone through our certification process already. Through our assessment process we determine that the organization is competent to deliver their training and has trained its coaches in an appropriate and fitting manner with our required high standards. Acceptance is based on rigorous criteria, including standards of usability, instructional design, participant feedback, testing, and overall participant proficiency. For members, we provide information on the organization based on our assessment of their proficiency in assisting their coaches to be competently trained, as well as their commitment to ongoing training, customer service, and several other critical standards.

What is the Timeline for Certification?

Certification varies from individual to individual and is directly related to the scope and 'completeness' of the requirements and materials that the person requesting certification sends to the International Coaching Association for assessment. As a general guideline, when all relevant materials have been received by the International Coaching Association, the applicant will receive notification within five business days.

Certification Submission Materials and Requirements:

Initial Certification requirements are conducted on an individual basis. Materials for submission can include all or some of the following:

Contact Information: name, address, phone #, email, web site (if applicable)

1) Number of years in industry

2) Education background and/or credentials

3) Formal coaching training or seminars (required - Contact the ICA for partnerships and recommended training.)

4) eLearning courses

5) Certification in disciplines that are appropriate in enhancing your coaching abilities

6) Testimonials from coaches, clients, and/or coachees {3 required - include name, address, phone # and email - indicate scope of coaching engagement}

7) Work experience (management or supervisory experience) or a detailed CV, biography, or resume

8) White papers, books, manuals, or materials authored

9) Seminars that you attended for work or to further your knowledge in the coaching, consulting or training arenas

10) Mentoring or tutelage by a Certified Coaching professional

11) Consulting work experience

12) Project management experience

13) Educational credentials, etc.